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Brazilian Waxing

Our team of experienced waxing therapists specialise in providing professional & discreet bikini waxing services. Brazilian Waxing to Bikini Waxing, we do it all.

koh phangan waxing

Body Waxing

Whether you want a quick leg wax or you want your underarm hair to disappear we have developed a set of waxing techniques to make the process quick & painless. Book Your Body Waxing Today.

koh phangan waxing

Experienced Therapists

Our team of experienced female waxing therapists specialise in providing quick & painless waxing. We use Clean & Easy Wax to leave your skin perfectly smooth & hair-free. We are waxing specialists.

Private Rooms

Indulge in an atmosphere of total relaxation in our relaxing spa center.

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Please Telephone 08162 11170 to book in advance

What types of waxing does Pure Relax do?


Pure Relax specialises in waxing hair from all areas of the body. Some of our most popular body waxing services are:

Brazilian Waxing – Our Brazilian wax treatment is very similar to our Hollywood wax. The Brazilian wax removes all unwanted hair from your pubic area but leaves a sexy strip in the middle.


Bikini Waxing – Our Bikini wax removes all unwanted hair around your bikini line, providing beautiful definition to your pubic area.


Leg Waxing – We use high quality hot leg wax to provide you with silky smooth hair-free legs. We have two types of leg waxing treatments. Half leg, which is either your upper or lower leg or full leg waxing.


Male Waxing – Our team of experienced female therapists have extensive experience providing full body male waxing treatments, specializing in waxing the back & chest.

Thanks to our convenient and affordable waxing services, guests are saying good-bye to their razors and hello to healthy waxed skin. Waxing has numerous benefits including smooth results that last 3-4 weeks, improved skin quality, reduction of ingrown hairs, and much more!

What is a Brazilian Wax ? Brazilian Wax is basically an extension of our Bikini wax service which includes as much or as little waxing of the bikini area as you desire; plus the back area as well.

Our bikini wax options will keep you seductively smooth and our affordable prices will keep you coming back on a regular basis. Choose from a bikini line wax which is also known as a French bikini wax or a full bikini wax or a Brazilian bikini wax. No matter which bikini wax service you choose you’ll leave our store knowing you received quality waxing that will keep you stubble free for weeks with the best bikini wax service you’ll ever experience. Sample our products today to feel how our skincare line will keep your skin feeling healthy and breakout free between your bikini waxes!

So what are you waiting for? Don’t be fooled by the name, bikini waxing is not just for bikini season anymore. Start improving the health of your skin with a bikini wax today!

Please be aware for health reasons we do not allow our guests to wax and use our steam facilities on the same day.

Pure Relax Spa recommends Clean and Easy Wax

Please telephone 0816211170 to book in advance

Professional Waxing

Waxing TreatmentTime/minPrice/Baht
Bikini Line   –600
Brazilian Style Waxing   –800
Legs Half   –600
Legs Full   –1100
Under Arm   –300
Back   –500-2500

Benefits of Waxing 

If you can tolerate a little discomfort, the benefits of waxing may be well worth the effort. Sure, the process could take you about two hours the first time. And the stinging sensation after ripping wax off your legs may make you ask yourself why you’re doing it. But for those who stick with waxing, this method of hair removal can leave your legs looking much better than a razor will.

For some women, just avoiding that daily risk of nicks, cuts and razor burn that comes with using razors may be enough reason to make the switch from shaving to waxing. In that sense, waxing is safer than shaving. In addition, wax products are usually made from natural ingredients. This is one benefit of waxing over using topical hair removal creams, called depilatories, which contain chemicals that could irritate the skin.

One of the major benefits of waxing regularly is the amount of time it ultimately saves. After waxing, hair removal results usually last about three weeks, which means you can take shaving out of your morning routine and put that time to some other use. Not having to deal with hair removal on a daily basis is a relief for many women.

Besides saving time, waxing also reduces the embarrassment factor caused by stubble. Not only do results last up to three weeks, but some suggest that regular waxing can cause your hair to grow back finer and sparser over time.

All Waxing is undertaken in our private ultra clean rooms.
If you are in any doubt, have any medical problems or have recently undergone surgery, please see your GP (doctor) prior to your arrival.

Opening Hours are 10am – MIDNIGHT (last booking at 11pm)
If you are in any doubt, have any medical problems or have recently undergone surgery, please see your GP (doctor) prior to your arrival.